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The Drop Recipes app on a table on both a tablet and phone, standing alongside two voice-powered speakers

Drop connects all stages of the cooking journey with an experience that delights home cooks. It’s a platform where appliance manufacturers, recipe publishers and grocers come together to inspire and guide everyday cooks at home.

Drop Kitchen OS

the operating system for the smart kitchen

Join the open smart kitchen

Our platform is appliance and brand agnostic, bringing everyone together for a better end user experience. Like most people, we don’t have just one brand in our kitchen.

Benefit from recipes reimagined

Drop’s recipe format is written to leverage the full potential of modern appliances, and its powerful localization features ensure global relevance.

Guarantee your users’ success

With Drop’s guided cooking, users are empowered to cook more at home. Our content is personalized to each user based on their preferences and kitchen.

Provide a delightful user experience

We are product designers at heart with deep software and hardware development expertise. Our apps are expertly crafted to work on iOS and Android, phone and tablet.

Turn data insights into action

Gather the right information to understand consumer behavior, facilitate diagnostics and paint a picture of the people using your content and appliances. It’s a new depth to data analytics. 

Protect what matters most

A robust infrastructure with Enterprise-grade security and GDPR compliance ensures the integrity of connected appliances as well as users’ private information

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The world’s leading brands use the Drop Kitchen OS to better understand and serve their customers and open new revenue streams

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31% of our users are active more than seven times per month.

Siva ShanmugamEcosystem & Experience Manager (IoT) at De’Longhi, on Drop

Meet Olivia

Olivia’s need for quick and wholesome meals is what draws her to Drop. A modern and informed consumer, Olivia believes in the importance of making nutritious, homemade meals. She celebrates life with food, takes pride in her cooking, but still makes food from scratch less than she’d like to.

Olivia’s biggest barrier to cooking more is lack of time; she needs quick and reliable options to make her goal of cooking more at home a reality. She invests in helpful appliances, hopeful that they’ll save her time, but finds herself making the same recipes on repeat. She wants to make more homemade food for herself and her family, and looks for inspiration to make the most of her appliances.
We build products that empower Olivias across the world to make more food at home, with results they are proud of. By using technology (and the appliances already in Olivias’ kitchens), we remove friction and help people get consistently great results.

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