With over 100 years of history, Panasonic remains a strong brand for consumer and commercial markets by providing advanced knowhow.

In the kitchen, Panasonic’s microwave ovens are the market leader with cutting edge technology providing quick and incredible cooking results.

As new technology evolves, Panasonic is able to address consumer desires into more personalized results by leveraging innovation into their product line.

The Solution

Panasonic and Drop collaborate to bring guided cooking and rich step-by-step recipes to owners of the FlashXpress Broiler microwave oven as a first step.

Now non-connected microwave ovens can turn into a next-level cooking tool on the Drop platform and offer an additional means to achieve a personalized cooking result.

2020 is the beginning of our plan to provide more customer benefits. Stay tuned!

“Meal preparation can be a daily challenge. This collaboration with Drop offers an articulated solution, providing adjustable step-by-step instructions and an additional value proposition to consumers using our appliances.”

Fumi UsukiIoT Business Development Senior Manager at Panasonic
Brand Profile
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Partner Since: January 2020
Scope: Countertop microwave ovens with FlashXpress technology

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